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Evan Bartels is a lot of things, but above all else he is a storyteller. Storytelling has always been a fixture in his writing, and Bartels continues to evolve his narratives by digging deeper beneath the surface and clinging to an authentic message.



‘Promised Land’ EP

Available Everywhere

Promised Land is a five-song collection centering on the art of breaking down one’s belief systems, habits, personality, and rebuilding into a new person.

Access exclusive song previews, special commentary and behind the scenes photography into the making of Promised Land via the EP’s webpage.

the Gentleman Badass Podcast

Bartels recently had the pleasure of joining Josh Kidney and Mick Doyle of the Gentleman Badass Podcast! Listen to Episode 12 - ‘Road Warrior’, to hear them discuss how playing 200 dates a year, becoming a father and losing 83 pounds has transformed his music.

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