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Favorite Nebraska Albums of 2017 | Year In Review

Evan Bartels, The Devil, God & Me. 
As for the why, here’s what I wrote about the album in September. “Bartels — a brilliant young songwriter in the mode of Jason Isbell and, to some measure, Steve Earle — and his four-piece band move through 11 songs that hover between country, rock and folk. That sonic combination is now designated as “Americana,” a label I’ve long loathed for its vagueness, inherent conservatism and, often, too pristine musical approach. For me, the Stoney Lonesomes are a country-influenced rock band – a la the Drive-By Truckers – and Bartels is a singer and songwriter who’s as good as anyone to ever come out of Lincoln.”

-L. Kent Wolgamott, Lincoln Journal Star