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Gary Hayes Country’s Top 50 Of 2017

Can you feel that fire, burning through my prison walls? “Widow” opens this fine album that takes you on a roller coaster of Americana ups and downs with your ‘Demons” slapping you in the face at every turn. This album makes you stop and think about the songs at moments during the 11 song offering. Most of the songs are a nice bit time wise with one 6 minute song that was well written, and another which is the title track. That song I have included in the video.
This band is really tight folks, you aren’t going to find any loose ends or under produced crap here. In fact the vocals on “Wish They Would” are as smooth as fine expensive bourbon whiskey. Just because he was a late addition to my list he does not fall short of substance in his songs.
“The Fine Things” was a song I sent to my girlfriend, she LOVES it, said it was from the heart. I truly agree, this is a darn fine ballad song here that would flow very well with Americanafest or various folk festivals. This act needs to be paired up with countless acts I could mention. “Run Like The Devil” closed out this album here with a mellow ambiance that evolved into a steady beat. Getting pulled over with something in your pocket is not good, outlaw songs abound on my TOP 50 list this year for sure!

-Gary Hayes Country