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EarToTheGround Music—2017 Song of the Year List

5) Evan Bartels – “Tattoo”

"When I clicked on this song to cover it, I just said what you might call a flattering curse word. That is to say I know what the song does to my spirit, the way that it breaks me, and I just… shook my head and cursed. If that doesn’t sum up the significance of a single song, I don’t know what does. Bartels is the next generation of gruff, emotional rock songwriters. I’ll tell you this it opens with a nice acoustic part, but you sure as shit better stay for the 1:20 mark and hear that breakdown. If you click away from the song after that, we aren’t even friends. Get the hell out of here with this song, man. I don’t even know what to say about it anymore it’s just so good."

-Greg Jones, Editor
 EarToTheGround Music