Bartels’ songwriting voice boasts a consistency of perspective and personality able to wrangle it all. His lyrics talk to lovers, bartenders, prophets and city populaces with a fatal-feeling honesty — poetic and sometimes funny in its unhurried, matter-of-factness.

- Chance Solem-Pfeifer
Hear Nebraska


Evan Bartels is a lot of things, but above all else he is a storyteller. He has dedicated his life to living in a way that encompasses all facets of the human experience and capturing those feelings and emotions in his songwriting. The words that you can't find when you wish only to know someone has felt what you are feeling... that's what is put into his songs and they grab you and resonate in your bones. 

Hailing from Southeast Nebraska, Bartels and his band of brothers are making honest, hard hitting, Americana Rock that is not easily forgotten.


The Stoney Lonesomes
Logan Bartels (Bass)

Logan Bartels

Logan Bartels plays bass guitar in the Stoney Lonesomes. His playing features warm tones, great originality, and has been described, by many who hear him play, as being exceptionally tasteful. Logan is well versed in many styles of playing and, as the longest running member of the band, helps shape the songwriting and direction of the music as a whole.

Jake Brandt (Guitar)

Jake Brandt

Jake Brandt is one of the most creative guitar players in the business. Building off of traditional blues, country, and rock styling, Jake has an unmistakable sound all of his own. Much the same as when listening to Hendrix or Stevie Ray Vaughn, you'll know it's Jake Brandt the moment you hear his first note.

Ben Kramer (Keys)

Ben Kramer

Bernardus Josephus Kramer III (commonly known as Ben Kramer) is a multi talented musician who plays guitar, piano, organ, mandolin, and has the voice of an angel. In the Stoney Lonesomes, Ben creates a unique soundscape with piano, organ, and vocal harmonies. Ben's talent on the keys is one of the defining traits of the band's sound.

Bryan Keeling (Drums)

Bryan Keeling

Bryan Keeling has had a long and successful career as a drummer who has toured the world with acts such as: Shooter Jennings, Eric Sardinas & Big Motor, Fuel and more. His resume includes studio work for six Shooter Jennings albums, Waylon Jennings, Pink, Mya, Guy Sebastian, Macy Gray, Dionne Warwick, Lucy Woodard, and Jessie Coulter. In addition, Bryan wrote the track "Higher" heard on The Wolf by Shooter Jennings—described by Rolling Stone as "the outstanding track" on the record. "Higher" was also featured on the popular network t.v. show CSI. Bryan is the backbone of the Stoney Lonesomes and drives the music home with power and skill unmatched by anyone else.